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Local action to highlight fly-tipping in South Sefton

Tackling litter and fly-tipping is one of the core aims of our Alliance, so it was great to spend a productive few hours on Saturday 15th June cleaning up a fly-tipping spot in Netherton on the edge of the Pendle Estate and Gorsey Lane.

Our volunteers were joined by Jayne Foat from Green Sefton who coordinated efforts and most of the rubbish was cleared, with the remainder to be cleared up at a later date.

A raft of local councillors attended and carried out litter picking around the Pendle Estate, and Bootle constituency candidate Peter Dowd also got stuck in.

One of our Alliance members, the fantastic St Mark's Netherton, provided a much needed brew and biscuit afterwards.

The purpose of this action was to show what's possible when everyone works together.

If you want to clean up your neighbourhood's grot spots, contact your Ward Councillor, request a community skip and ask for their support to clean up the mess, involving local residents and housing associations wherever possible.

Keep your eyes peeled for more activities we'll be holding to highlight our areas of focus.

While you're here...

Are you part of a community group, charity, or social enterprise operating in South Sefton? We'd love to hear from you! Email to find out more.

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